5 beautiful wedding table ideas

16th May 2016
Styling your wedding is exciting, its also time consuming, confusing but ultimately very rewarding. We’ve lost count at the amount of times we’ve seen our brides faces light up with joy upon seeing their plans come to fruition. Hours, weeks, months of planning all coming together on a single day to produce the perfect wedding style. For us as photographers all this work is well worth it as it adds an additional source of imagery to complete the story of your day alongside shots of the couple, getting ready and all the special moments of everyones wedding day.

Styles and fashion changes each year but it more a gradual thing. There’s never a complete departure from one year to the next but colours do tend to follow on trend and its well worth thinking if the one you’ve picked will still look as exciting and new in a years time when you actually get married. The details are important, from the stationary to the flowers to the favours and all these decisions have a knock on affect and if not carefully planned can lack the impact you’re aiming for.

It goes without saying that its not straightforward but importantly styling your wedding should be fun and reflect your personality. Sometimes the ideas come in a moment of inspiration, other times its from seeing something that sparks the beginnings of a idea or theme. Where ever your theme comes from its always good to have a look at what other couples have done and how all the details come together to create a perfect wedding table or style.

With this in mind we’ve put together some of our favourite wedding styles to share with you. We love them and the styling for each one can really help inspire your wedding theme for the day.

Blue and white bone china settings, herds and wild flowers and naked wedding cake add a light and simple feel to this beautifully dressed wedding breakfast:

Simple white plates and home ground flowers in t-cups work really well together alongside the lego bride and groom cake toppers. We also love the glass jars with pebbles and T-lights to add a lovely warm glow when the evening comes

Dried flowers, personalise stationary and subtle pink and white china give this wedding breakfast table extra warmth. The gold chairs and hand made stars complete the affect.

A stunning hand made hoop above the tables dressed with wild meadow flowers and tiny bunting adds an extra dimension to this brides table. The duck egg blue books, lemon and poppy cake with edible flowers make a wonderful centre piece to a beautifully tonal setting.

Winter themed and golden hues and a some lovely touches with handmade decorations made for a perfect christmas wedding. Check out the table place names which were made from real leafs, painted gold and then hand written with guests names.

Every detail is part of the story a your wedding day. We really do appreciate all the effort our couples put into their day and capture it for them to be part of their story.