Contemporary family photography

Lifestyle , or contemporary, photography is becoming more and more popular, you only have to look round your friends homes to see that, with large canvases of family portraits in pride of place. When people ask me what is lifestyle photography I usually say its the opposite to the idea of traditional photography: less posed, less stiff, more natural, more expressive! Yes there is an element of whats in fashion at that time but generally its about approaching a photo shoot with a open mind and willingness to try out different ideas.

The use of dramatic black and white tones, warm chocolate tints or platinum hues are a common feature of contemporary photography. Vibrant colours and high contrast effects are also a common feature. However, more importantly, contemporary photographers emphasis the importance of stories and emotions. Often focusing on the relationships and capturing personalities rather than the wider scene.

It also tends to be less posed, asking someone to act in a certain way, or be whacky, usually leads to awkward photographs. I find it easier to just let the children or families to relax and get used to me being there with a camera. Once everyone is over the the initial excitement then I find the really stunning photographs start to happen.

High key photography, thats the kind with the white background, is very popular and is great for a family portrait with a more contemporary feel. However, as a professional photography, there are many other ways to capture that perfect family photograph. Low key for instance, using dark backgrounds and less light, is fantastic for capturing emotion and intimacy. That fact that your using less light, or even just nature light, gives a depth to photographs which you don't get with high key photography.

Alternatively choosing to have a family photograph on location or in the back garden gives a very different feel. The connections between families and children when there are out and about usually has a lot more energy. As a photographer you have to be on your toes because you just don't know whats going to happen next. However sometimes it's the quiet moments that provide the best pictures, how a child is interacting with their environment, or their parents, can make for beautiful pictures. Even just picking up a twig or staring at nothing in particular with that far away look in their eyes can be truly stunning.

I definitely don't ask anyone to smile, and I encourage parents not to either. That way you can normally ensure natural photographs. Theres nothing worst that hearing a parent saying "smile for the camera" or "say cheese" as that can make a child close up and not want to be there. Of course a natural smile is a great thing to capture but so is a serious look, a tear or even a temper tantrum! Most important of all is capturing the essence and personality, when I hear a parent say "that's so them" you know you've done a good job and its all be worth it…even the tears!

Because I'm a photographer based in West Bridgford I have to be ready for anything. People in West Bridgford, and Nottingham, know what they want and usually have very specific ideas about how they want their family portrait to look. Words like contemporary, cool, sophisticated come up regularly and its my job to interpret their needs. The added advantage I have is that I go to their homes so that they and their children are more at ease. So if someone wants a studio style shot and they want to do a wardrobe change its not an issue, alternatively they may decide that they want one with their children making cakes, it can be messy but can make for great lifestyle photographs. Newborn and baby photography is also very popular and being able to do it at home means less stress for mum and baby alike. It does mean that sometimes I have to go back a second or third time to capture the perfect photo but thats all part of the job and if it means giving the parents the picture they want then I'm happy to do it.

Having said all that what I love about contemporary children's photography is capturing the personalities, the emotions and relationships. People are endlessly fascinating subjects to photograph and the connection between them is all important. When people are relaxed is usually makes for stunning photography.

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I'll work with you to ensure we capture the very best images on the day for you and your children. After that I can either follow your photo shoot with a viewing session at your home or upload them on to a secure on-line gallery to give you time to view them at your leisure. Once you've chosen your favourite images you can choose from a range of photographic packages including canvas wraps, contemporary framed prints and digital files.

Relaxed, stress free family photography
My family portrait sessions are relaxed - my aim is to make it an enjoyable for your family, rather than a photo shoot. If you would like me to visit to take pictures of you and your family, please contact me through the contact from or call me on 07977 065256 (Mobile) to discuss your requirements. I would be delighted to hear from you.