Actor Headshot Photography

A headshot is the most important tool for an actor on the audition trail – it will convey the depths and farthest reaches of your professional range yet must at the same time portray you as a blank canvas, able to inhabit any role. For this important photo you need experts, and MFP are here to help. Our industry expertise means we’ll cover all aspects of your acting talent to prepare you for the modern casting process.

The photoshoot will take place in the comfort of your own home so you’ll be sure to feel calm and at ease. Our individual and personalized coaching will tease the best from you over the length of the session, while our lighting and photography skills will capture you at your best. Your high resolution images will be loaded to our website where you can browse and choose your favourite. The photographs will be fully but gently corrected using advanced techniques.

The session will be structured around you – we’ll work with you to create as many headshots as you require to fully open up the casting market.