Baby photography at home

10th April 2013
New born Lily-Rose is only two weeks old and a little bundle of joy. Baby and newborn photography always reminds me of how lucky I am to be a professional photography. Whether its baby photography, family portraits or teenager photo parties every one is as enjoyable as the next and all have there own individual styles.

Theres nothing more rewarding than seeing the reaction of new parents when they see their newborn photographs for the first time. I guess its because as a children's photographer I try to look for the connections between baby and mother/father and the moments where you as a parent can't always get a photo of because you're involved both physically and emotionally in it.

Newborns have their own routines and you can't rush a home photo shoot as at two weeks old they just aren't going to pose for you. We find it works if we spend a morning or afternoon with the family and actually take the time to get to know everyone and let the photography speak for itself. Sometimes there's some element of setting up certain shots but its always done in relaxed manner and because the photo shoots take place in your own home theres no rush or pressure. We all know that babies will sleep and eat when they want to so we work around their routines, allowing the family to carry on as normal while we take photographs to capture those moments for you to treasure forever.

Then comes the best be for us when we show you your family pictures. We don't use the gimmicks that other photography studios use, like playing emotional music or telling you that if you don't want any then they'll be deleted, We don't believe that anyone who has a 'my family pictures' photo shoot should be pressurised into making decision on which pictures of their children or families they should buy now before "you lose them forever". No we let you take your time to view your family portraits on-line and only when you're ready you tell us which ones you love the most and in what format or package you'd like them.

No hard sell, no obligation just beautiful family photography.