Destination wedding photography tips

01st July 2015
Planning your wedding abroad? If you live in the UK its safe to say we have some of the most amazing wedding locations but its also safe to say that we don't always have the weather! Now some may argue, including ourselves, that a wedding is so much more than just a sunny day. But for a lot of couples a destination wedding in the sunshine is a dream come true.

We get quite a few requests for information on wedding photography abroad so here are a few tips to help you decide if you want to book a photographer to travel out or one who lives in the country where you're getting married:

Always start with the style and feel of photography, it doesn't matter where they are based but if don't pick a style you like (Documentary, Traditional, fine art etc) you'll end up being disappointed. Every wedding photographer has a style and we always suggest you shortlist at least three that you really, really like.

The advantage with a UK photographer is you get to meet them before hand. At A Big Neon Glitter photography we can't emphasis enough how important this is. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our brides and grooms so we understand their dreams and needs for their big day. If you're booking someone abroad always ring and face Time a lot! Get to know them and don't be scared to ask to speak on a regular basis. Also make sure they can speak your language, you don't want to spend the day having to guess what your photographer wants you to do and vice versa.

Work out your budget! It may seem that choosing one that's based in the country where you're getting married is easier but ask for quotes from UK based photographers as well. You're probably have to cover their travel and accommodation but you may find this is worth it because you'll have met them and already have a relationship and understanding that you rarely get with a someone you haven't met.

If you're booking a UK based photographer always check they've worked aboard before. Shooting in the ultra bright, hot conditions that you find abroad requires a different approach and experience. We get sunny days in the UK but it's a far cry from shooting abroad and requires a slightly different skill set. Where as picking someone there you can be pretty confident they understand the light conditions and can cope with the extreme temperatures.

Finally check their credentials, whether they are based at home or abroad you'll want to know they have insurance and public liability cover. What happens if they don't turn up or damage something while photographing your wedding? You'll want peace of mind that you're booking a professional photographer and not an enthusiastic amateur who accidentally knocks over a priceless vase which you end up paying for!

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