Headshot Photography

Our headshots are designed to create portraits that will grab the attention of your audience and energise your career, business and personal life in the direction you want.

In today's rapidly moving digital world we understand the need for online headshots that command attention. Your profile picture says a lot about you, your business and how you are perceived. Whether it be headshots for personal or corporate branding, or any other medium, we'll work with you to create images that impress and build your profile across all your online platforms.

At MFP, we believe that your headshot should be personal, captivating and tailored specifically for you. It should capture your personality and show the real you. In a world of amateur, hastily taken and out-of-focus 'selfies' MFP understand that a considered, professional headshot will always be preferred and make you stand out from the crowd.

We achieve this by treating everyone as an individual – focusing on helping you feel comfortable and allowing your personality to shine through. We will direct and gently guide you throughout the session, coaching you when needed, towards what will become a captivating professional portrait.

All our headshot sessions are done on location and we bring the studio to you. This makes it's easier for you, saves time and helps us get the most from the session because you’ll be more relaxed in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Individual (non corporate) headshot Sessions

1 Look £210.00 (60min, Includes 5 images)
1-3 Looks £250.00 (90min includes 10 images)
2-5 Looks £350.00 (120min includes 20 Images)

Included in each session:
Headshot session on location, individual and personalised coaching to get the best possible images. All selected images are fully corrected and delivered online via private gallery in high resolution.

You also get access to our £150.00 returning client fee guarantee for 2 years.
Looks = Wardrobe Changes = Different Personalities