Kirsty and Richards wedding | Perranporth, Cornwall

31st January 2017
Kirsty and Richard got married in Perranporth, Cornwall and as Nottingham wedding photographers we count ourselves very lucky to be asked to cover weddings across the UK and Cornwall has a special place in our hearts.

This amazing couple are from Derby but decided that a wedding by the seaside in a location that meant a lot to them was the prefect combination. They got married at the Sieners Inn which is right on the beach and while having amazing views across the bay it also had a very intimate feel. Kristy and Richard’s family all travelled down for a long weekend to celebrate this couples wedding and had the most amazing time, the perfect excuse for a weekend in a beautiful part of the country.

We don’t hide the fact that we love a wedding by the sea and it gave us the chance to photograph some brilliant wedding couple shots on the sand dunes across the bay from the venue. But before that we took a leisurely walk through the town where everyone we meet wishes the happy couple congratulations and caused quite a lot of excitement. When we eventually made it into the sand dunes we realised it was considerably more windy then expected and Richard had to make sure Kirsty’s beautiful ‘A’ line wedding dress was kept under control! Having said that we love these pictures of them and they really capture the moment perfectly, we especially love the image of them stood in front of the sun weathered blue wall as it has a feel of ‘Americana’ which is further emphasised by Kirsty’s fabulous 1950’s styled wedding dress.

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