Off road for Olive

22nd May 2013
'Off road for Olive' was a charity event in aid of the 'Olive Beaumont Foundation'. If you're not aware of Rett Syndrome then please take a minute to read about it and how it effects both the children who have the condition and the impact it has on their families.

I first met Olive, and became aware of Rett Syndrome, while taking photographs at the School for Parents in Nottingham and as a father with a 3 year old daughter it immediately had a profound impact upon me. Olive and her sister are just amazing and her Parents Janie and Paul are just the nicest, caring people you could come across.

The foundation raises money which goes toward finding a cure for this condition and 'Off road for Olive' was one of the many activities that people who know Olive have put on to help do this. We had a wonderful day taking pictures of the families and children who attended the event and every penny we make from the photographs will be donated to the foundation.

If you have moment please visit the Olive Beaumont Foundation website and find out just a little bit about her, Rett Syndrome and the many things people are doing to raise money which will ultimately help towards finding a treatment and a cure for Olive conditions.

Thank you.