Party photography

09th April 2013
Babies, toddlers and teenagers….they all offer very different challenges and rewards as a photographer. That's not to mention parents, mums, dads and grand parents! Family photography is, in my opinion, the most interesting type of photography for a professional photographer. I love the interaction between parents and children and its exciting to see how a photo shoot unfolds. You never quite know how people will react or how children will act when you start shooting but the great thing is that no two photo shoots are ever the same.

Just last week we were at a 1st birthday party for a group group of babies who had all just had their first birthday. The parents had met through their NCT group and had arranged for a joint first birthday party and kindly invited me along to capture the moment. Photographing children's parties is very different from a family photo shoot but in no way less interesting. As a professional photography ,based in West Bridgford Nottingham, I have to be ready for all types of family gatherings and this was no exception. The children were great and even those who were more interested in the playing than having their photograph taken gave me enough time to capture some lovely photographs and portraits.

Thats very different from teenager parties where you can't get them out of the shot as they all want to be involved with their friends all the time. Having said that teenagers party photo shoots are slightly easier as at least theres usually less distractions like balloons and ball pits to pull them away…but lets face it if you were a toddler you'd be far more interested in them than having your photo taken!

The fun thing about party photo shoots with teenagers is that they want to be in the picture and are happy to use props like hats and sunglasses, pull faces, jump around and generally have a great time. Plus its something a little different from the usual party activities if you've got your own professional photographer and full studio set up in you home, or on location, for your birthday celebrations.

If you're looking for something special at a family event, children's party or teenagers birthday give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss you requirements and bring our mobile photography studio to your event and make it a truly special occasions.

I'd also like to thank Debby and her friends for inviting me along and also to all the children, babies and toddlers who gave me a small amount of their play time to be photographed.