Relaxed family photo-shoot in Nottingham

06th May 2016
Check out these stunning images taken on Rachelle and Steve's family photo-shoot. This is the second time we've had the pleasure of photographing their family so an adventure at a near by nature reserve in west bridgford was the plan. However as with all good plans they don't always work out and due to a hiccup on the weather we had to postpone for one day but boy was it worth it!

With the sun shining through the early morning mist we headed out for a morning of stone skimming, bubbles and bear hunts. There is no better way to catch children, and families, at their most relaxed than going on a adventure. Doing something like this helps everyone forget they are on a photo-shoot and for the perfect mix throw in some bubbles and bingo you've got pictures that you will treasure for years to come.

For us the hardest part of the day is going home and it goes without saying that we love doing family photo-shoots. As they say all good things have to come to an end but we're thrilled with the pictures and we hope they give Rachelle and Steve a great deal of happiness in years to come.

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