Spring and sunshine at last!

01st April 2013
It feels like its been a long winter but this week's sunshine and warmer weather brings a sense of summer and importantly for a photographer more natural light! Much as we love home studio photo shoots there is something very special about doing family photography using natural light.

For a start the images have a unique quality, which is not to say it's better, just very different. The depth and feel to the pictures when you're out and about on a family portrait shoot are perfect for black and white or tonal photographs. The ever changing light conditions mean you have to constantly think about how to get the best shot, while also trying to capture those fleeting moments of a family interacting with each other.

We use prime lens, 50mm and 85mm mainly, which give those wonderfully soft blurred backgrounds and very shallow depth of fields which draw your attention to the focal point of the pictures…a child's smile, a kiss or just a moment in time where a parent is lost in their own thoughts. It's a really exciting type of photography and as a professional photographer, I have to be ready at all times because you just don't know when that perfect moment will happen. With children it's about following the action without being intrusive. Children have their own agenda, and far be it from me to get in their way, so asking them to pose for the photograph or smile for the camera usually doesn't help. We find the best family portraits come when everyone has relaxed and forgotten about the photographer and then if we're lucky and the sun is shining we get to capture some truly special moments.

Of course that doesn't mean you can't do family photo shoots at home using natural light! Sometimes it's the perfect style of photography for those moments in your life when all you want is peace and tranquility to capture a time which is both special and fleeting. Newborns and babies need the reassurance of their mums and dads and having a photo shoot at home takes away a lot of the stress and allows you as parents to enjoy the experience. You don't need to pack up the car and head into town only to get there and find your precious little bundle of joy doesn't want to pose for the camera and definitely doesn't want to let go of you! As professional photographers, we know that you can't rush babies so we spend the whole morning, or afternoon, with you to make sure we capture those special moments for you to remember forever. Harsh studio lighting and flashes are a little too much for tiny eyes so natural light photography is the perfect style and also every fashionable these days.

However sometimes it's all about location, location, location and being based in West Bridgford, Nottingham means we have a great choice of places to have photo shoots, from local parks to bigger ones like Wollaton Hall, Rufford Abbey County Park and Rushcliffe County Park. All great for a family day out and perfect for family photo shoots. Of course let's not forget the rest of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire with their wonderful countryside and of course the stunning Peak District. In fact where ever you are in the UK it's a great time to get out and about, so why not book a photo shoot at the same time? That way you can relax and enjoy the time with your family and children while we capture the essence and emotion of your day.