Sticky fingers

23rd July 2013
Sticky fingers - Lowdham, Cropwell Butler & Ruddington

Thank you Kelly from Sticky Fingersfor inviting My family Pictures to your children's cooking and baking sessions. There was plenty of sampling before the baking and a whole bunch of very happy children.

Children's and family photography is always better when there's no pressure and the kids are having fun. You can see this in the photographs we took that there was plenty of smiles, fun and jumping around...of course that could have been the sugar from sampling the cake mixtures before hand.

We specialise in children's photography and know that it takes time, just like baking the perfect sponge cake, and a relaxed environment to capture the most stunning photographs. Sticky Fingers sessions are a great place to do this because the focus isn't on the photography but on the children and families enjoying the experience. Of course you don't always get smiles straight away so taking a relaxed approach is key to great children's portraits. We never rush or push children into posing and instead let them do their own thing...because as you know they are going to anyway so why fight it!

There were some fabulous pictures and we love been invited to children's parties or activities as mums and dads can have a chat and relax why we capture children doing what they do best, enjoying them selves!

For more information on children's parties and photography please contact us to find out more and book a photoshoot.