Top ten wedding ideas!

23rd April 2013
My top ten wedding and civil partnership ideas:

As a professional photographer I spend a lot of time looking for the details on a photo shoot that make an occasion unique. Weddings and civil partnerships are a great place to see some imaginative ideas that make it extra special to the happy couple. I also spend a lot of time searching the Web for inspirational ways to capture someones special day and in doing so I come across some brilliant wedding day ideas. Some are extravagant, some of simple but all have an element which undoubtably leaves a lasting memory for years to come. Photographing civil partnerships and weddings is great fun and obviously the most important thing is to capture the most stunning and intimate moments of the bride and groom, groom and groom or bride and bride. But its equally important to photograph all the elements that make the day so special…family, friends, food and all the details…big and small.

These are my top ten inspirational ideas for wedding and civil partnerships photography this year, complied from across the Web. Thanks to all the photographers from around the world who took some truly stunning pictures and shared with us to inspire, wow and smile. These aren't in any particular order as I'd find it hard to choose my favourite idea so I'll let you decide. If you'd like to talk to us about booking 'My Family Pictures' for your wedding photography then drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss any inspirational wedding ideas you have too!

1. Bespoke wedding programmes - I love this idea and if you've got a talented graphic designer friend or know a good design agency this is a brilliant way for letting everyone know who's who at your wedding. A contemporary, personalised memento for you and your guests to remember your day by!

2. Flip flops - With the sunshine comes summer weddings and on those barmy summer days high heals may look fabulous but aren't always the most comfortable for a whole day on your feet! Why not treat you guests to a cool refreshing pair of flip-flops? Pick a colour that matches your wedding palette or just go for pink and blue, either way your guests will love you for these and remember your wedding day every time they put them on.

3. Engagement photo shoots - I, like most professional photographers, love to do engagement shoots as part of the wedding build up. It gives me time to get to know the happy couple and also to understand the style and type of photography they like. This is a wonderful way to show of those pictures on your special day and also makes a very cool, contemporary photograph in itself to remind you of the build up…and lets face weddings can be a long time in the planning!

4. Wedding Guest books - Always a favourite, a great way for guests to leave you with a special message but usually overlooked. I feel the key here, excuse the pun, is to come up with an idea that you can display at home after all the confetti has settled and the honey moon is a happy memory. The 'key' idea would look good in any home and every time you pass them you may notice a different wedding message that brings a smile or a happy memory of your wedding day.

5. Bouquets - Lets face it there are a million different bouquet ideas for a bride out there and some very talented florists to help you realise your dream. However this is one of the most original ones I've seen. Get practicing your origami now and you too could have something as unique as this!

6. Confetti and cowboys - Forget the confetti this one is for those cowboys and cowgirls out there! Great fun and whole lot of noise for after the wedding ceremony to celebrate your marriage!

7. Invites - I love to photograph original ideas for invites and everyone has their own story. Why not tell everyone about your journey with a with a invite flowchart like this. Relatively simple to produce, extremely affective and another great memento.

8. Wedding lights - When the sun goes down ambient lighting can add real impact for your wedding breakfast, or reception, and also a magical feel to the evening. It doesn't have to be as elaborate as this one is as fairy lights and tea-lights can be just as effective and a little less expensive. Plus they can add a lovely, romantic feel to you wedding photographs.

9. Shoes - Wedding shoes is probably one for the girls, although I know few boys who are just as obsessed by a beautiful pair of shoes. I really enjoy photographing shoes at weddings and civil partnerships. Louboutins, Gina's and Jimmy choo's are all firm favourites and although not a unique idea for a wedding there's nothing like a well turned ankle in a fabulous pair of shoes. Its not often you get to blow so much money on a very special pair of shoes so make sure you get them in your wedding album to savour again and again!

10. Wedding cars - Want to make a a quick get away and are travelling light? Ditch the wedding car and get yourself a cream vintage scooter for your honeymoon get away! Maybe not the most practical for the luggage but you'll definitely get everyones attention when you fizz off into the sunset on the back of one of these!

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