Wedding ideas for the Groom, or Grooms!

02nd May 2013
Lets face it when it comes to weddings its pretty much all about the bride! However that doesn't mean that the groom has to miss out in all the preparations, in fact its quite the opposite and there are loads of cool wedding and civil partnership ideas for the boys. You may not have all the say but if you're a groom then take a look at some ideas that may inspire you to put your own little mark on the special day….obviously with your partners permission!!!

As I've said before wedding and civil partnership photography is all about the detail and when you come across a unique or eye catching idea it would be a shame not to capture it for posterity and the wedding album. These are just a few ideas we've found on the web but there are loads of others, they pretty much cover most things that a groom can a little more say in, well maybe!

The groom survival kit: Not the you'll need it but this a great idea for maybe the bride or best man to put together ready for the morning of your wedding or civil partnership. The contents can vary but the idea is to make him smile and if he does need a little 'something' to calm the nerves then a breath mint wouldn't go amiss either.

The button holes: Just because you've chosen your suit and had you're hair cut it doesn't mean you don't have a say in your button hole! Its the groom's chance to add something a little unique to his look and shouldn't be over looked. The key here is not to outshine the brides bouquet…you have been warned!

Messages of encouragement?: Anything like this would make a great wedding photo and I'm sure there will be a few friends and best men out there just waiting for the right moment to unveil a sign like this. Best to wait for the perfect moment and make sure your wedding photographer is in on it so that he/she can capture the groom expression as the sign is unveiled!

The cufflinks: For a lot of men its probably one of the only times we get to wear cufflinks, there are loads of options here to go personalised and have something to look back on with fond memories. Dates, initials, location and even some where you can place a small message inside with your wedding vows on, the choices are endless but its best to go for something unique that represents your special day if you can.

The wedding cake: Lets be honest the chances of a groom being allowed to have a cake like this are slim to none, that doesn't mean it not worth a try and you never know if you've got a partner who loves star wars you may be lucky. Of course it doesn't have to R2D2 as Darth Vader would also be cool!

The ring: Theres absolutely no reason why the groom can't have a ring which is more than just a simple wedding band. There is loads of choice out there from the contemporary to the a more personalised ring with the finger print of your partners etched into the metal. Always good to try and match the brides ring where possible and that way they'll also make for a great wedding ring photograph. Its also another chance to personalise your wedding day as you could choose to have dates, initials or nicknames engraved on the inside of the ring.

If you can't make up your mind why not go really extreme and have your partners initials tattooed onto your ring finger instead?

The Shoes: If you think shoes are the brides domain think again, whether you go for a classic brogue or an 'All star' trainer there are still ways for the groom to add something unique. Even better don't tell anyone, apart from maybe your wedding photographer, and see if anyone notices during the day.

The Socks: don't overlook the small things, details, details, details! You wake up and everything is laid out on the bed, your suit, tie and shirt. Then you go to get a pair of socks and all you have clean is a pair of white tennis socks with holes in the big toe! Simple is stylish but if you're feeling a little flamboyant why not go for a pair of Paul Smiths! Its not everyday that you get married so go on, treat yourself!

The Suit: If you're hiring a suit then thats great, but for me I like a well tailored suit, classic in design, simple in its looks. It quietly says 'I'm cool' while not outshining your bride. You can still co-ordinate colours with ties, button holes and handkerchiefs. Prince of Wales checks and warm greys go well with most colours and look good all year round. Plus its a classic James Bond look so it can't be wrong can it!?

Your ride!: So how are you going to arrive? Will it be in your mates ford focus while your bride, or partner, rocks up in a classic Bentley? Make your wedding photographer extremely happy and pick something cool like a 68 Mustang Ford. There's something a bit special about this piece of american motor history and when its right, its just right! Just don't take too many detours on the way or you may end up unfashionably late!!

These are just a few ideas we like at 'My family pictures' but whatever your plans are for you wedding or civil partnership we'd love to come along capture all the details, whether its a 68 Mustang ford or a cufflink we'll make sure we photograph all the details for you to remember long after the confetti has blown away.

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